Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In the latest in our series profiling the members of Johnny’s cabinet, we present the man who put the laughter into slaughter, and the ha ha ha into hate hate hate: Rambozo the Clown.

Many have questioned Johnny’s wisdom in affording so high a place in his cabinet to the mysterious man some people call Ku Klux Klown. However, Johnny shows great loyalty to the man he calls “Uncle Rambozo”, and counts him as a close confidante and trusted advisor.

Rumoured to have known Johnny since the latter’s days being raised in a circus, Rambozo has been credited with teaching him the art of surprise in combat. Johnny confirms this, saying: “When my enemies see me pulling up in a mini, they think I’m alone, but thanks to what Rambozo taught me, there’s a fucking army in the boot.”

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