Sunday, October 26, 2008

Johnny and the cash

For immediate release.

Johnny the Red - the very next President of the United States - releases his policy on the economy.

He's for it.

More specifically, Johnny feels that the trade imbalance with China is one of the most important issues facing the American economy today. As such, he proposes that we "shoot the little, yellow bastards." Furthermore, he assures us that "If America does not have enough guns already, I can sell them to you very cheap. Good quality AK-47. Very reasonable prices."

Johnny does not, of course, mean that we should kill all of the Chinese. He is very fond of Kung-Pao chicken, and someone has to cook it for him. No, he just believes we should "kill the ones who are imbalancing the trade."

Johnny is also concerned at the "off-shoring" of American jobs. He promises that under his presidency, he will cut down the off-shoring by making sure that all of his killing is contracted to "good, honest American hit-men."

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